Breeding Program

Breeding Program
Crossroad Retrievers goal is to produce quality and versatile black, yellow, and chocolate labradors. Our main focus is on health and temperament. Our labs are raised in our home as well as our puppies. Puppies are available throughout the year. Upcoming or available litters are always posted on our puppy page. Please fill out the puppy questionnaire on our puppy page if you are interested in one of our labrador puppies.

Stud Services
Visit our studs page to meet the boys!

WHAT IS CO-OWNERSHIP??  Because we often want to keep certain lines, but don’t have the time and space to keep all the pups that we want to, we often find homes to co-own the puppies/dogs.  What this means is that you get a well bred puppy/dog for a GREATLY reduced price and you raise and train the dog and keep it at your house.  We will co-own the dog with you and it will come back here for two litters (males a bit different, but they stay intact and we have breeding rights on them.  The dog would come here to have its health clearances done at age 2 and when those were finalized, come back here for the first litter.  (It would depend on the situation if we wanted you to keep the dog by you after breeding or have it stay here.)  The the dog would come here to have puppies, you’d be allowed to come and visit mom and pups.  If you are interested, we also offer , that after the 2nd litter, you’d get a puppy (on limited registration) for free from your dog (or the price of a puppy if you didn’t want a puppy).  After her final litter we’d spay her and then we’d sign off on the registration and she’d live out her life with you as your family pet.  We occasionally like to have the possibility to show the dog at dog shows and get some titles on them.  Because we like to have access to them and for travel reasons, we ask that anyone doing this live within 100 miles of us.

Doing our part to better the breed!